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Welcome all to RedView Rivals! Enjoy yourself here and make some good friends and rivals!!

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 Introduction into DRT Testing (Coming Soon)

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PostSubject: Introduction into DRT Testing (Coming Soon)   Sat Apr 25, 2015 11:38 am

Hello Rivals this is a post to explain the DRT which will be coming soon to Redview Rivals.

DRT stands for Duelist Response Team. The DRT will be a group of duelists who are the top four strongest duelists of Redview. Later on in the following week I will post the testing rubric to become a DRT member.

DRT Member Ranks:

-Dispatcher (Me): Communicates with the DRT members in the field
-Interceptors: The member (or members) who go into the field to duel strong duelists and handle other teams who won't leave Rivals alone ("Intercepting" people from causing trouble with Rivals)
-Blockers: These members one after another face off against other team members or cocky duelists ("Blocking" them).

More information to come next week


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Introduction into DRT Testing (Coming Soon)
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