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 RedView Rivals Testing Rubric

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RedView Rivals Testing Rubric Empty
PostSubject: RedView Rivals Testing Rubric   RedView Rivals Testing Rubric I_icon_minitimeMon Mar 09, 2015 1:32 pm

Banlist: Exodia, burn, stall, or any alternate win condition. META decks are allowed, though can negatively impact Creativity score.

Testers deck:
Testee's deck:

Duel Outcome: ?/25

Deck Build: ?/15

Side Deck: ?/10

Rulings: ?/20

Duel Control: ?/20

Attitude: ?/10

Total: ?/100

0-59: Aston Martin Red
60-80: Porsche Yellow
81-100: Koenigsegg Blue

If any testee scores 97-100, they are eligible to take the special test for the McLaren Orange dorm.

RedView Rivals Testing Rubric Tumblr_mxm8h9oPoJ1ro9nbqo1_500

RedView Rivals Testing Rubric LTuHfIL

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RedView Rivals Testing Rubric
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