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Welcome all to RedView Rivals! Enjoy yourself here and make some good friends and rivals!!

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 Fate's Playground

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PostSubject: Fate's Playground   Mon Mar 09, 2015 3:36 pm

Hello fellow rivals. I am the founder of this team. I made this team/group for a place for rivals and friends to hang out. I know people are asking why the vehicle theme. Well here is the answer. Ever since I played Need For Speed Rivals I fell in love with the idea of having rivals. I am a huge car enthusiast and always have been. As for me as a person I love dueling with dragon decks and making more and more friends. If you have any questions either I or the other admins/moderators will guide you. I hope everyone enjoys themselves here. Oh and thank you for joining RedView Rivals and I hope you will like it here.


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Fate's Playground
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