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 Rival Groups/Teams/Squads

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PostSubject: Rival Groups/Teams/Squads   Rival Groups/Teams/Squads I_icon_minitimeThu Oct 08, 2015 4:22 pm

Rival Groups/Teams/Squads Video%20games%20cars%20need%20for%20speed%20most%20wanted_wallpaperswa.com_32

I haven't done much as the leader of Rivals and I apologize for that. But I will change all that. This is a post to discuss Rivals members splitting into different groups. Each group will be in charge of different objectives for the team. Members in a group will work together, no going solo. Members who want to be a part of a squad you can message me on DN, FB (Masaki Lee), Kik (Themasakiconnection), or send me a pm here on the forum.


-Tier 1 Operatives: (2 to 3 Members) - The highest level duelists, Looks out for the other team members and helps creating team events)

- Redview DD (Duel Department) (2 to 3 Members)- Searches for new talent to bring into Rivals

-Viper Squad (3 to 5 Members) - (Rivals War-Squad. Up to them if they want to war different teams in unofficial wars)

-Interceptors (2 to 3 Members) - (Trains new members to become stronger - Works together with Duel Department)

- Rivals SWAT - (2 Members) - (The law of Rivals) - (Handles team administration and handles team punishments when needed, enforces laws of Rivals)

Note: New groups will be added once more members join Rivals.

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Rival Groups/Teams/Squads LTuHfIL
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Rival Groups/Teams/Squads
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